A tube amp for iPod

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English sense of humor ? 

Constructors have sometimes a good sense oh humor, its Fatman case ! This english compagny created a special iPod amp. A gym rolling carpet for fatman. Funny aspect by the design wich is in totaly oposite definition with the american trademark. The structure take a gym rolling carpet form for Fatman, and this last one means… well you know what it means !

English sense of humor ? A technology similar as a gadget ? Don’t think so, Fatman iTube is a tube amp. Usualy a tube amp is great to work on the sound treatment and give a warmer music as numeric stuff. This one will be able to receive all iPod bu shuffle wich only get USB port. 2 x 13 W with a command, now available in England for 299 £ means about 430 €.

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