Dimitri From Paris – Esquisses

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Esquisses, the opening for Sacrebleu

Esquisses in an opening for Sacrebleu, his huge succes and so stylish Album ! In the place for years now, Dimitri From Paris is one of the most prolific french producer, specialised in remix ? Just get a look on his discography then you will understand ! But he also did very commercials productions, specially with a french comic tv man ! In the record release, he sampled Lil Louis French Kiss, I heard he said that there is now prescription of years and that he could buy his own flat in Paris with the money… Anyway, he also want to party at the Playboy Mansion and for that everybody forgive him all the past !

Label : Yellow Productions /Released : 1995

Tracklisting :

Sida A
2. Reverie
3. Interlude
4. Par Un Chemin Different

Side B
1. Free Ton Style
2. Interlude
3. Un Woman’s Paradis

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