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English electronic music duo, composed of Matt Black and Jonathan More. Coldcut are the art of sampling with passion and creativity

Say Kids, What Time Is It ? We are in 1987, a single has been produced with samples. On the same year, the band samples Ofra Haza on Paid In Full, Eric B and Rakim remix and, in 1988, COLDCUT releases their 1st album with various artists, such as Lisa Stansfield, Blondie, Yazz & Boo Ya Tribe. I had the desire to get back to listen to this first album, just to get this feeling again. I must say I had a real good time doing it.

Sound Mirrors (2006), was simply announced to be their best record from their brillant and long career, a huge line-up with guest but sounds like “Coldcut” ! Their label Ninja Tune also offered many golden talents.

Everything is under control is good, very good indeed. They perfectly manage their way as producers. If it did not gave me same goosebump as What That Noise did on that period, it’s probably because this period was a way different, everything was kinda new for us, was sort a of blast. Now, they are not anymore alone in the business, many more good musicians knows how to make a use of the new technologies. Probably due to their important work as producers & editors with Ninja Tune, but by the way, “Huge” is the word that describe it all about their work, all of it.

Interview sample (Varsity)

Varsity: How do you feel your music has developed from your initial creations in the 80’s to your new stuff?
Matt Black: I think we were quite naïve when we started, but we’ve lost that to an extent. John [More, Coldtcut’s other member] and I have what we call a search for ignorance, which is the realization that it is good to have what Zen people would call “beginner’s mind” and not really know what the fuck you’re doing, and just learning by experimentation. But having said that I think that our music is more subtle than it was then, and I think we’ve become reasonably good craftsmen using our tools to cook up music in more or less any form that you want. I know a bit more about music than I did 13 years ago.

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