Kerri Chandler’s Finger Printz

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Kerri Chandler - Finger Printz EP art cover

Kerri Chandler  – Finger Printz EP

Words about Kerri Chandler

Born September 1969 in New Jersey, Kerri Chandler is an electronic music producer and DJ, known for his huge contribution to House Music, and his unique’s touch of it. His sound is deep, warm and powerful, and his DJ sets are sometimes like concerts when he have more equipment, like keyboard and mic… He is a kind of living legend, as simply as this.

Words about this record…

Another awesome piece by the great Kerri Chandler, with his Errik Landcher aliase. The energy of the EP is huge ! I used to play it a lot… I’ve also played “Up and Away” on a wedding party for friends in ending 90s, so it was more a family party and around 2am I dropped this track in the mix, I could not believe my eyes then, I think if you took a picture of me on this instant you would see a big smile on it : grandfathers, sons, grand sons were jumping on the dancefloor, like kids. I am not a wedding DJ, I did it three or four times only for friends, and this one i am pretty sure I am not ready to forget about, House Music’s power is deep.

Label : Mad House Records, Inc. / Released : 1998

Tracklisting :
Side A
1. The Dark Past
2. Where’s The Love In The World 
Side B
1. Up And Away
2. Dat Da Da

Fondateur de Houz-Motik, Cyprien Rose est journaliste. Il a été coordinateur de la rédaction de Postap Mag et du Food2.0Lab. Il a également collaboré avec Radio France, Le Courrier, Tsugi, LUI... Noctambule, il a œuvré au sein de l'équipe organisatrice des soirées La Mona, et se produit en tant que DJ.

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