disque TRACKS FROM SILENT, de Glenn Underground

Glenn Underground – Tracks From Silent

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Intrigued by Bermuda’s Triangle ? Be aware of Köln’s Triangle: an Art gallery, a record store and a Glenn Underground’s record

How I found this one ?

On November 2019, I was invited to play at the Museum Ludwig’s opening of Wade Guyot’s reception, for the exhibition Zwei Dekaden MCMXCIX-MMXIX in Cologne. Naturally I went to Groove Attack to say “hey” to my colleagues from when I lived in Köln and worked there, it’s a trap !

The venue is the Hallmackereuther : the trap is it’s literally 20 seconds walk from the record store! with records even? You can’t NOT go! I never leave without a few choice nuggets… Amongst them this time I picked up a Glenn Underground 4 track double pack! Do know, to rhyme was not my intention…

Few words about the music

The pack is atmospheric, profoundly underproduced (in the best of fashions), clear & raw GU depth! All four songs stand out for their own individual reasons, even if I find Shake it to be my personal favorite! This song puts one in mind of many songs that came before it, though maintains a striking as well as unique integrity…

The previous three tracks on this 2 x 12” can hold your dance floor together at various points during the night, no prob! And, sounds great in a car too! By the way, if you love House Music, those Glenn Underground’s tracks are also included to the LP Silent.

From disco to disco, from piano to electro and more, Eric D. Clark started his DJ career 30+ years ago. American DJ and producer based in Germany, Eric has joined our team to talk about his record collection

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