Tarnation, movie documentary

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Tarnation DR

Best movies are not every time the most expensive ones. “Tarnation” production cost was 218,32 dollars

The most expansive movies are not the best ones. The last Spiderman movie cost so much… Then, another movie, “Tarnation” cost 218,32 dollars !

This film is a new documentary writting style. A long movie documentary self portrait about the director, Jonathan Caouette. Since the age of 11, he decided to shoot his chaotic childwood in a texan familly. With his movie, he take us in a psy-hurycane, from instant of lhis life : amateur super-8 movies, answering machine messages, video’s diary, his 1st short movies, part of the 80’s pop culture, and rebuilded scenes, to get an splitted american familly but joined by the force of love.

This movie had succes at the Sundance movie festival in 2003, and the year after in Cannes, the movie also got the Los Angeles festival big price. Seduced by the awesome film, Gus Van Sant became one of the executive producers.
From Jonathan Caouette :
– “Everything in this movie is true… !”
– “I think Tarnation is the 1st movie wich has been completly post product with iMovie software”
– “To shoot was not only to get fun, it was a self defense mechanism, a question of : dead or alive”

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