Chaka Khan – I Feel For You

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What would you answer to Chaka Khan singing “I Feel For You ?” I probably would blush before answering “Oh, me too, yes I do”

One of my favorite song from Chaka Khan and Prince (1984). Chinatown Born Yvette Marie Stevens, she grew up in Chicago, and build up her first band The Crystalettes, at age 11. After many formations and even the funkband “Rufus”, she started her solo career in 1979 with the acclaimed LP ChakaI’m every woman… Her song Fate has also been sampled by Stardust, a one hit french band, for the famous Music Sounds Better With You… And I feel for her voice


Side 1
This is my night
Stronger than before
My love is alive
Eye to eye
La flamme

Side 2
I feel for you
Hold her
Through the fire
Caught in the act

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