Welcome to the Droids, do you have The Force ?

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Recorded in the mid 70’s The Droids are still a bit close to us, and sometimes a bit far indeed, they still have check a myspace page… Droids is a french synthpop band from the 70s, created by Fabrice Cuitad and Yves Hayat. They only did one LP in 1978, Star Peace inspired by Star Wars movie, and their famous song is (Do You Have) The Force, an electronic dance music, shaped between a bit of italo disco and sort of pre techno. All the album was recorder with the help of Richard Lornac, a very well respected french musician for his work on TV and Radio, and alongside many major french pop artists.

Where can you find it ?

The original vinyl version of the record (Barclay) is not so easy to find but was re made under CD version (Repeat Records, 2008), but you can also find them on discogs. The Force has also been covered by Ed Starink, in Synthesizer Greatest ‘s compilation (1989). You also can find this version in another compilation : So Young but So Cold: Underground French Music 1977-1983, released in 2004 by Tigersushi. Another track, Shanti Dance, is available under Cosmic Machine – A Voyage Across French Cosmic and Electronic Avant Garde (1970-1980) ‘s compilation, published by Because Music in 2013.

Here is what Yves Hayat once said on youtube :

“Hey, I’m so happy to see so many comments about my music!! It was so long time ago… Daft punk makes me also think of my music…”


Should we ask Daft Punk if they got infuenced by The Droids to create their own costumes ?

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  1. Hello .Thank you very much for this blog. My name is Mauricio and I am looking for an instrumental electronic theme of the 70’s or 80’s in the line of Jarre or Droids, I listened it when I was a Kid, it stayed on my mind untill today, so I get borrowed an electronic Keyboard and I made a very simplified version of it, I have no professional equipment so the sound has a very poor quality . I wonder if you can help me to identify the name of the theme and the artist or band who plays it, please put special attention to the melody. This is the link where you can listen the sample. Thank you very much, greetings and keep on touch. Mauricio


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