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How, on a same decade, graphism on Art Covers can find common points through many artists or styles, especially psychedelism, like this Ray Barretto’s LP

I Also found this Ray Barretto ‘s LP on the monthly big open air market, in the old part of the city of Limoges, France. See how the art cover graphism got something in common with the Australian band Cybotron. 1976 Art cover ? This decade seems to had many psychedelic covers in music industry.

Ray Barretto has been lucky when he was young. Chances to have a better life were quite small. Music saved his life from being poor, or dealer, soldier, rubber… Released in 1979, this is one of his best piece, at the top of his salsa career! Later, he’s one of the latin guys who brings salsa and jazz together.

Musicians include on this project :
Ray Barretto Conga, Main Performer, Producer
Adalberto Santiago Lead vocal, maracas, clave
Jose Jerez Trumpet
Puchi Boulong Trumpet
Hector Zarzuela Trumpet
Jose Febles Trumpet
Papo Vazquez Trombone
Todd Anderson Tenor, soprano sax
Oscar Hernandez Piano
Sal Cuevas Bass
Jose Fajardo Flute
Ralph Irrizary Timbales
Luis Gonzalez Bongo
Ray Romero Bata

Song titles include:
Al Ver Sus Campos 5:35
Un Dia Sere Feliz 5:24
Piensa En Mi 4:43
Ya Vez 5:40
Adelante Siempre Voy 6:02
Algo Nuevo 6:53
Tumbao Africano 7:10

Some reviews:

Rican/Struction remains an undisputable example of ‘música gorda.’ The arrangements, done by Oscar Hernandez, Eddie Martinez, Gil Lopez, and Dick Mesa are devastating. Every time I revisit this album, I am absolutely ‘wowed’ by it. It should be required listening for students of the music (Vicki Solá 98/99 Catalog)

Oh Knock Me Out! Ray goes electric on this famous album!” (Phil Riggio 98/99 Catalog)
“Ray has always been a master of combining roots and avant-garde elements in a fresh, uncommonly effective way. This 1979 date is one of his best–the jazzy tour de force ‘Algo Nuevo’ alone is worth the price of admission (Mark Holston 96/97 Catalog)

Ray’s high standards, both personally and professionally, always seem to speak to me through his music. Wherever the laser beam lands on this CD, it shines, in terms of material, arrangements, and musicianship (Vicki Solá 96/97 Catalog)

It’s very hard to choose one RB release, but I settled on this because it is simply flawless. All the compositions (and arrangements) are excellent, especially the jazzy ‘Tumbao Africano,’ which allows the musicians to stretch out and solo. Vocals by Adalberto Santiago are great, too (Nina Lenart 94/95 Catalog)

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