Detroit Soul Project – Detroit Is A Ghetto

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Eddie Flashin’ Fowlkes, 4th of The Belleville Three

Eddie Fowlkes began making mix tapes at the age of 14. His first booking as a DJ came in 1981 at a campus party. In the early 80s he built up his record collection and began to secure a reputation for both his live appearances at the Music Institute and his mix tapes.

His nickname, “Flashin’, came from his early prowess as a scratch and mix DJ. Fowlkes was a friend of many of the Detroit giants, DJing alongside Derrick May and Juan Atkins in the early 80s. He recorded his debut, 1986″s “Goodbye Kiss’, on Atkins” Metroplex imprint, and also released singles on the labels KMS Records, 430 West Records (“Inequality”) and Play It Again Sam. His style, which blended in elements of deep house music and soul, was dubbed “black technosoul” by Fowlkes himself.

In the 90s, he began to build his recording profile, working with labels including Jump Street, React Music and Tresor Records. Among the best of these releases were “Turn Me Out”, produced by Graeme Park. Throughout the 90s he performed regularly at Detroit’s The Alley club, and in 1991 relocated to Berlin to record Serious Techno Vol. 1, featuring his brand of tough but soulful techno. As he reasoned, “most Euro techno has no feeling because the makers haven’t got the history”. He also recorded for Infonet Records, Back To Basics, Peacefrog, as well as issuing a third album, Black Technosoul, for Tresor. During the late 90s he issued material on the City Boy, Dance Pool and Azuli labels. (taken from : Outlar)

Label : PAN / Released : 1998

Producers : Eddie ‘Flashin’ Fowlkes / Niko Marks

Notes :
a1/b2 written by allen/brown/dickerson/jordan/miller/oskar/scottb1
a2 written by detroit soul project


Side A
1 Detroit Is A Ghetto (Extended Mix) (7:49)
2 Detroit Jazz (4:29)

Side B
1 Glory (Instrumental) (5:42)
2 Dub Is A Ghetto (6:23)

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