Mahalia Jackson – Newport 1958

2 min de lecture

“Ladies and gentlemen, it is Sunday, and it is time for the World’s Greatest Gospel Singer, Miss Mahalia Jackson” said the festival’s announcer at Newport 1958

Another brillant album. I still play it sometimes, between dub or house sounds, of course I prefer listening to it relaxing in my sofa, but it’s also a great piece to play in public.

The same year @ newport festival, lots of stars are on stage, most of the concerts are recorded even the legendary Ray Charles. Miles Davis sextet with Cannonball Adderley, John Coltrane, Bill Evans, Paul Chambers, and Jimmy Cobb are also recorded, but misunderstood.

We don’t here so much Bill Evans when he ‘s not in chorus, Paul Chambers bass volume is sometimes not enough loud. John Coltrane play without listening his partners… In front of that, Cannonball Adderley seems to be too much quiet. Bill Evans play great, then give real harmonic colors to the band.

This fantastic singer, considering to be the gospel queen for so much people, is not more than a real queen ! You only have to listen to her and … yes. In the 30’s, Mahalia Jackson is singing in churches, she is yet a famous singer when she recorded her 1st records. She refused, when Earl Hines the famous pianist offered her to get in is orchestra, to keep involved in religious music !

For those who want to discover more records about her.

Do not confuse with Millie Jackson

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