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One of the main electronic music anthem, from the Sheffield duet LFO aka Mark Bell & Jez Varley

About the record

I received a promo copy of this EP in 1991. Tommy Boy record was promoted by Fnac Dance Division in France. At that time I was the resident DJ for the club BOY in Limoges, France. I remember that I simply loved it on the first listening, and that I wanted to play it on the following night. I did, and the audience response was amazing, incredible, people were screaming, but, on those Low Frequency Oscillations, we lost part of our turbo sound system ! I still remember the face of the guy who came to repair it the day after who wonder to know if we went to far on the volume. “Nope, as usual”, I said, lying a bit, then : “what the hell did you play to burn this out?” 23 years later, I had the chance to see Mark Bell playing is solo project at Astropolis 2014, about 3 month before he passed away… I loved his show.

About LFO

Techno house duet from Sheffield UK, LFO are Mark Bell & Jez Varley. 1st singles We are Back, Freeze & Love is The Message from the album Frequencies and also the single Tied Up from their Advance album influenced the uk techno scene. Frequencies came out in 1991, 3 years after the creation of the band. Before their work on their second album, the duet has worked with Alan Wilder from Depeche Mode & Karl Bartos from Kraftwerk. 1995n came Advance. Since then, Jez Valey got a solo career & Mark Bell has worked on Homogenic with Björk. LFO means Low Frequency Oscillator. 2003, LFO was back with a new LP on Warp Sheath.

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