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Words about Fnac Dance Division

Fnac Music Dance Division was a Fnac Music ‘s label substructure. At that time they opened office for electronic dance music records with Eric Morand to manage it, after his work for Barclay. Fnac Music Dance Division, 1st hexagonal reference in electronic music, at the beginning called Cherche Midi from the street name of their office. Fnac Music Dance Division is the starting point of what we call French Touch in dance music, a time before all the world will turn the head to the entire french touch wave with Daft Punk at the end of the 90’s. This label has been a springboard for Laurent GarnierSt Germain, Shazz, DJ Deep, Scan X and many others…

Words about the record

This piece represent a nice panel of Eric Morand and Laurent Garnier’s work, before F com, you can hear house and harder sounds. Each time I am back on it I can’t help emotions to surface. I would not say I am fan of all what they produced, but I do have a lo of respect for this, without them electronic music would have been really different in France. Anyway, I’ve always been following and supporting their work, and because I was a bit close to Katia D, which was managing the promotion department, I’ve been lucky enough to play great records, met some of the artistic team and get some goodies like the following bombers (from a 500 limited edition with only 3 colors : grey-blue, green and red metal). This was the very first time “French Touch” expression was used in dance music industry : “We give a french touch to house”.

Fnac Music Dance Division bombers we give a french touch to house

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