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Detroit is a city full of great inspired minds and musicians

And this record from 1998 host three great pieces from Rick Wilhite, Theo Parrish and Kenny Dixon Jr (aka Moodymann). Always in my bag !

Words talented Theo Parrish from Sound Signature :

A symbol or icon defined by things heard. How many songs have names, and of these songs, how many of them inspire visual images for our minds to enjoy ? How many noises are made by only one thing or situation ? How do our names sound when we say them ? When others say it ? We all have something to say; a mark to make. A message to send. It is received when it is heard, when it is felt, when it inspires action – action in movement, action in emotion, action in mental stimulation. No sound is wrong. No sound is to elusive too escape arrangement, one’s signature. Sound Signature : An event, emotion, or feeling described by sound, but not limited to it. Expression given a direction. A focus through arrangement, our personal language at any given moment. We all wish to be more precise in conveying our messages. We all want for others to receive what we have inside. We want it understood, however we also want for others to know they cannot truly understand. Even when misunderstood, we all demand respect. We want to communicate in a general way but we can only truly tell our own story. No one can duplicate your signature, your mark, your life. The difference between imitation and emulation is specific experience. No one else has walked your path, lived your vision.
If we shut our mental limits down, we could feel vibrations moving us. Our bodies would move because our souls would tell it to. There is a shortage of information that prevents this motion. The same sentence has been spoken, copied, sold, and adhered to as a rule. All rules are broken, inevitably. Because we have become accustomed to the same patterns, we must wean ourselves from regurgitation. We must grow and change, or stagnate, fall inert and die. We must at least expand the form we live in. We are being programmed to consume with such cold precision, free will has become more about what to purchase than what to create. Children are no longer taught to challenge, to ask why and most grown folks don’t seem to mind. This programming gets interrupted every time someone cuts loose and starts dancing. The medicine found in the dance is real, and is originally African, so who are these distant purists with all these adjectives and comparisons? Irrelevant. There is no room for limits in the act of creation. There is no right or wrong way, only different ways as there are different people. It is your choice to listen to the teacher or the class clown. However, we all bounce between these two extremities, and inevitably we all get confused. As long as we are aware and challenge our fears, we will continue to develop. We will continue to expand our personal languages & icons. We will learn reverence from each other through expressing our symbols, our hieroglyphs. This is my attempt to share mine.
Sound Signature,
Theo Parrish.


Get your copy at your closest local record store or on discogs.

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