The Residents – Eskimo

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Originally released in 1979, Eskimo is highly powerful

This visualization of the Residents “Eskimo” album was originally released in 1979. Now fully available remastered with a 5.1 surround sound mix, this avant-garde masterpiece can be seen and heard with a clarity never previously possible. Many of the visuals and sound-effects are provided by the groups mentor, The Mysterious N. Senada, with some new and bonus footage that has not been seen for several decades.

Label : Torso / Released : 1987


Side A
1 The Walrus Hunt (3:45)
2 Birth (4:55)
3 Arctic Hysteria (5:50)
4 The Angry Angakok (5:34)

Side B
1 A Spirit Steals A Child (8:55)
2 The Festival Of Death (10:22)

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