Bobby McFerrin – Simple Pleasures

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Not so simple

Bobby McFerrin once said

“I love to sing and I love to be adventuresome. It’s like the thrill of your first hang-gliding experience, standing on top of a mountain and getting ready to jump off–you’ve got faith in this big kite in back of you. With me, it’s the same way with singing, especially a cappella.”

Personnaly, I also love “Circle Songs“’s LP and the way he sings “Round Midnight“, with Chick Corea on piano. And don’t forget the Round Midnight movie score.

This 1988 all a cappella recording brought Bobby McFerrin to a mainstream music consciousness. It includes his Grammy-winning single “Don’t Worry Be Happy”. He’s probably fed up to hear we still always talk about it and don’t want to hear anymore, but it helped him enough to do what he loves, everyday. This LP also include a great cover of The Beatles, “Drive My Car”, a speeded up and rockin’ “Good Lovin'”, and a sweet cover of Cream’s “Sunshine of Your Love“. 

Vocal virtuoso Bobby McFerrin is one of the most distinctive and original singers in contemporary music (equally adept in jazz, pop and classical settings). His octave-jumping trademark style, with its rhythmic inhalations and stop-on-a-dime shifts from falsetto to deep bass notes, often sounds like the work of at least two or three singers at once, while at the same time sounding quite unlike anyone else…


Get it @ your closest local record store, or on discogs.

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