Clip : Indigo Blues by Llorca feat. Nicole Graham

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Llorca feat. Nicole Graham : Indigo Blues



Another good record to have on your collection…

I have this record somewhere in a corner of my house, as well as “My heart belong to daddy” that she recorded with “Playin 4 the city“. Two big pieces that you must check if you never ever heard them before. Hope to listen to some new works very soon. Nicole was on stage with Alton Miller, Dj Skilful and myself last november, in Limoges, for our Jazz festival “eclats d’émail“, if you missed it, no worries, we’re working next editions !



Here is what Nicole Graham write about this song on her website :

This was a very emotional period in my life when I was learning my craft as a singer and songwriter and attempting to create more hybrids between house music and jazz. I found I was often ending up moody and contemplative in my private moments, wich became a very useful inspiration for the lyrics of this song. The more I danced to house music, however, I found a way to keep from allowing my moody nature to overwhelm my creative process and ended up writing my first bossa nova inspired jazz piece.”

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