Laisse tomber les filles…

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Serge Gainsbourg wrote it for France Gall

Serge Gainsbourg wrote “Laisse tomber les filles” for France Gall in 1964. Get it on the “super 45 tours Philips 434-949-BE” with the musical direction of Alain Goraguer. This song for France Gall is sort of a long leitmotiv where she ask the « free boy » to nevermore go again to meet with other girls. If he do it, he gonna get in troubles…
“One day you will be left
One day you will be crying
You will pay a day soon
Luck leave the one who always leave hurted hearts
You will have nobody to get better
You will deserve it…”
This disillusioned futur told by an « innocent heart » is little bit strange to the youth thoughts from the 60’s, and this lyrics from this young girl mouth is sort of provocation.
About Gainsbourg lyrics, Gilles Verlant wrote :

« Gainsbourg texts get nothing in common with the simply lovely universe from the yéyés, wich is of course charming but without any deepness and distance. Then he straight impose a second degree reading and also a negative aspect ! […] In the songs he wrote for her, there is clearness, sort of refusing to be caught under the big joke of love, the one wich we never say never or always. And this time this is not a 30 or 35 years old guy singing, but a tennager… »

France Gall voice is holded by jazzmen, and the way horns and percussions are used in this structure is not far from his succes. Brittish and americans still envy this « french pop sound » wich is still covered nowodays.

Then here is 3 movie about this song, the first one is the original essence with France Gall

The second one is a real pop “décalée” cover by Mareva Galanter Scopitone

And the last one is from the great April March in the Quentin Tarantino last Grindhouse movie :

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