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Rock À Limoges, 1986 vinyl EP compilation, produced by Radio Trouble Fête

To start this year in good mood, I wanted you to know about this musical UFO. This record is what we call a “collector”, really. While its sounds punk rock and electro avant garde, it was produced in 1986 by a Limoges (France) local radio station, RTF (Radio Trouble Fête). The record features local artists that were rocking the city ! 

If you want to get a copy you need to check Discogs sometimes, only few copies were made at that time, so not much on the market today ! How do I know this ? Well, I worked for this radio station from 2001 to ending 2011, and I’ve found some copies in old shelves… Then I was lucky enough to get my own copy. Some of the musicians are still in the place making music, even if names and styles have changed…

EP Rock à Limoges DR Radio Trouble Fête

What are the artists doing now ?

For instance, after Medikao ’s break, our favorite Dr Leopard created a new character, La Veuve Electro ! Now, alongside another musical figure from this region, he perform under the name of Diamants Éternels. From another structure, Stef Tej is keeping alive his band with Les Ejectes, other musicians from this compilation are still on the scene, with electro or rock, and even punk bands ! The show must go on.


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