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Dub Be Good to Me ! Norman Cook is an English DJ, musician and record producer

Words about Beats International

Norman Cook (born Quentin Leo Cook on 31 July 1963), is an English DJ, musician and record producer/mixer. He first met fame in the 1980s as the bassist of the indie rock band The Housemartins who scored a UK number-one single with their a cappella cover of Isley-Jasper-Isley’s “Caravan of Love“. After the band split, Cook formed Beats International whose début album spawned their signature hit, “Dub Be Good to Me” which was another UK number-one as well as going on to become the seventh best-selling single of 1990 in the UK !

When they broke up in 1993 Cook went on to join numerous other acts including Freak Power, Pizzaman and The Mighty Dub Katz to moderate success. Cook adopted the “Fatboy Slim” moniker in 1996, and went on to another fame with after he released Better Living Through Chemistry to critical acclaim…



Words about the record

Don’t really know if we can talk about early mashup style here, but this song is a two other songs ‘s combination : “Guns Of Brixton” by The Cash and “Just Be Good To Me” by The “S.O.S. Band” (and American R&B band). I Sometimes still play this song, probably because this Dub is good to me.


Label : Metronome Musik GmbH / Released : 1990
Tracklisting :
Side A Featuring – Lindy Layton
1. Dub Be Good To Me
2. Just Be Good To Me (Acapella)


Side B Featuring RPM
1. Invasion Of Freestyle Discuss

2. Invasion Of The Estate Agents

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  1. Hi,

    I used to have this song but was only liking the accapella. I used to put it over a track called Snappiness by BBG
    for a baleric vibe.

    Unfortunately I have lost the origional one and am wanting to re-do this old mix.

    Is there any chance of making the accapella avaiable??

    Please, please, please …..
    if there’s a glimmer oh hope I can be found here

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