Cybotron – Enter

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Cybotron, from Detroit, and above.

Cybotron, the formation I knew first, I mean the guys from Detroit, because there is also the other band from Melbourne ? Probably because about the periods and the instruments, but sometimes we can feel sort of bridge between their music… Does Rick Davis (3070) and Juan Atkins knew about this Australian band ? Actually this is not a very big dilema, and this record is simply very good, it’s a major influence for the next generations !

Words about the record

This is a great album, I usually play some tracks from it, whatever if it’s for a radio show or a gig. It’s another music which does not get old, and keep us thinking about the futur.

Label : Fantasy / Released : 1983 / Published by Deep Space Music (BMI). Written by 3070 and Juan Atkins Except : “Enter” and “The Line” by 3070, Juan Atkins, and Jon-5″Industrial Lies” by 3070


A1 Enter
A2 Alleys Of Your Mind
A3 Industrial Lies
A4 The Line

B1 Cosmic Cars
B2 Cosmic Raindance
B3 El Salvador
B4 Clear

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More about the 20 years work by Juan Atkins with the Tresor compilation

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