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Spastik is probably one of the most famous record from the 90s by Plastikman, aka Richie Hawtin

How I discovered the artist ?

Like many people, I first listened to Plastikman records before discovering other Richie Hawtin’s works. I didn’t get hooked on all of the projects, especially in the 2010s, and I generally prefer his productions to his DJ sets, however research into his rhythmic universe remains fascinating ! The new interpretation of his album Consumed (1998), in collaboration with the pianist Chilly Gonzales, for Consumed In Key, is certainly one of the most beautiful adventures of the beginning of 2022…

Few words about the record

I don’t play it as much as I used to, but when I pull it out sometimes, the whole room is buzzing so loud ! Spastik, is an instrumental track by British-Canadian electronic musician and DJ Richie Hawtin, under his alias Plastikman, released in 1993, in Canada. Considered a classic in techno, it is obviously one of his most well-known production. Based on a nine-minute whirlwind of Roland TR-808 percussion, Hawtin often made it a centerpiece of his live performances, this record helped to push the minimal aesthetic of techno to relative popularity in the early-mid 1990s, largely on the back of this drum machine track, but also via the sound of a modified Roland TB-303.


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