David Murray & Gwo-Ka Masters presents The Gwotet1 min de temps de lecture

David Murray & Gwo-Ka Masters - The Gwotet art cover

David Murray & Gwo-Ka Masters – The Gwotet

Words about David Murray

« David Murray & Gwo-Ka Masters – The Gwotet » features the Pharoah Sanders ! There is also a second edition with remixes, and a winning remix competition from Radio Nova. Recorded in 2003 and released in 2004 the album features performances by Murray and the Gwo-Ka Masters with Pharoah Sanders. It is Murray’s second album with the Gwo-Ka Masters following Yonn-Dé (2002).
David Murray is an American jazz musician who plays tenor saxophone and bass clarinet. He has recorded for many record labels since the mid-1970s and was initially influenced by free jazz musicians such as Albert Ayler and Archie Shepp. Murray set himself apart from most tenor players of his generation by not taking John Coltrane as his model, choosing instead to incorporate elements of mainstream players Coleman Hawkins, Ben Webster and Paul Gonsalves into his mature style.

Words about the record…

I do not longer play it this much in parties, but I sometimes put the records on my turntable, this piece has a great and warm groove. By the way, for his Gwo-Ka experiences Murray met Gérard Lockel, a major Guadeloup figure of this music, and as far as I know they did two albums together.

Label : Justin Time / Released : Canada
Tracklisting :
Side A Gwotet (Rare Moods Rework)
Side B Gwotet (Original version)