Serge Gainsbourg about Michael Jackson

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Serge Gainsbourg, (2 April 1928 – 2 March 1991)

Back in the years, Serge Gainsbourg said :

Jackson is an Hyper


He is an hyper dancer, got hyper style, hyper singer, hyper arranger…
Hyper… euh in trousers I don’t know…

Anyway he is dynamite. I’d say dynamite as Mick Jagger, James Brown… the dynamite trilogie is Mick Jagger, James Brown and Michael Jackson.

Tere aren’t much hyper… He is hyper because of his voice, his orchestrations…
With his own style we don’t know if he is a boy or a girl, but we really do not care, in years 2000 we don’t care about sex.

He made something (hyper) amazing… He is a (the) black that all the white celebrate and copy… Nobody made this before him.

In post scriptum, I would say this : I don’t think he will have same way (long career) as Sinatra…

That’s it man.

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