Birkin & Gainsbourg – Je T’aime… Moi Non Plus1 min de temps de lecture

Serge Gainsbourg : one of the best artist we had in France

So huge, so beautiful… Gainsbourg is probably one of (or) the best artist we had in France, and for many reasons ! But one of theses reason is very close the dj-producers work, actually he perfectly knew how to build a track inspired by a thema from another one, he knew how to work on loops, a sort of remixer anyway… I sometimes think, how it could be if he used to produce an album with a sampler ?!

Label : Fontana / Released : 1969

Tracklisting :

Side A 1. Je t’aime moi non plus
2. L’anamour
3. Orang-Outang 4. Sous le soleil exactement 5. 18-39 6. 69 année érotique

Side B

1. Jane B 2. Élisa 3. Le Canari est sur le balcon
4. Les Sucettes
5. Manon