Norma Jean Bell – Come Into My Room

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Norma Jean Bell and Norma Jeane Baker are different woman. If the second one’s legacy is still a fantasy for many persons, the first one still brings you fantasy with her groovy music

Norma Jean Bell, this room will be too small soon… I really like this one ! Moodymann (Kenny Dixon Jr) mixed and/or produced most of this album, Theo Parrish and Kelly Hand are also in this room, many people are waiting on the front door to get a chance to come in… Available on Peacefrog Records (licensed from Pandamonium Records 2001). Notes : Vocals, Saxophone, Keyboards and Drum Programming by NJB herself.


A1. You Belong To Me (I’m The Baddest Bitch Remix)
A2. One Of Those Nites
B1. Dreams
B2. Yes I Am (I’m Gonna Get You) Vocals – Sharon Jones
C1. Nobody
C2. Your Perfect
D1. Feel What I Feel Vocals – Debbie Welch
D2. Late Night Show

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