Outside presents To Forgive But Not Forget

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Words about Outside…

Outside is an english band playing open an mind music with Acid Jazz, Downtempo,  House and Drum And Bass touch… Inside, three musicians : Matt CooperAndy ‘Nibiru’ Allen and Patrice Blanchard. All of them have many participations on several releases.

Words about the record

49th release from Dorado, at that time “Drum n bass” was on transition, this piece is just a great exemple ! Matt Cooper, Andy ‘Nibiru’ Allen and Patrice Blanchard were (at that moment) in a great mood ! Very creative, “To Forgive But Not Forget” is a brillant piece which remains eastern gipsy vibes and “Moodswing”‘s journey remixed by Aquasky got, in a western vibe, got the living jazz thing. It’s great to have it in my DJ bag, this music could have been made yesterday… Awesome.

Label : Dorado / Released : Apr 1996

Tracklisting :

Side A
To Forgive But Not Forget (Album Mix)

Side B
Moodswing (Aquasky Remix)

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