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Music Sounds Better with You, a song by the French touch group Stardust (Bangalter, Cohen, Quême), released in 1998 and performed by frontman Benjamin Diamond… Love Might Bring Us Back Together

Another ace in the “French Touch” dance music’s history ! Thomas Bangalter, Benjamin Cohen aka Benjamin Diamond, and Alain Quême aka Alan Braxe are behind this one hit wonder band… At the time of its release I was the owner of my vinyl record store (1997-1998), as soon as I received it I played it in parties and I won’t lie, the response was crazy as hell ! I sold a number of them. French Touch, Stephane Jourdain’s book, will tell you more about that era if you are not really aware about it, you will get the roots about the movement, the influences, the people and their work.


This track features samples from Chaka Khan‘s recording Fate (Musker/King) EMI Publishing. Produced under license from Warner Bros Records Inc. By arrangement with Warner Special Products. Used by permission. Label : Roulé / Released : 1998 / Produced by Thomas Bangalter, written by Alan Braxe, Benjamin Diamond, Thomas Bangalter. Mixed by : Alan Braxe, Thomas Bangalter. Vocals : Benjamin Diamond. Programmed By Stardust

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