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Steven Warwick – MOI

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Digging music at a record store ? We all do it. Being presented to a new release in your own gallery ? I do… Let me introduce you to Steven Warwick

How I discovered the man ?

Steven Warwick is a Visual Artist in his own right, from England living in Berlin… He presented me with his latest release, MOI, at my modest Gallery (UPSTAIRS at €RiX’) during the recent vernissage for CARIBIC RESIDENCY. Sometimes (and this is no exaggeration) the LP reminds me of CAN in places, “Rave Culture” in others? If that weren’t enough? It sheds new light on boundary less conceptualization?! Does that make any sense? No? It will when you hear it! LP’s subtitle is also great : “Do you know who I am? Because I don’t!”

Few words about the record

No idea when Steven Warwick  even has the time to make such accomplished tunes considering the extensive Art production schedule : performance exhibitions in long form, plays, films… Basically a truly well rounded man of wickedly diverse talents well worth your time, ears/eyes, energy and respect! Another staple of my “Gist Of Music” Thursday nights at The Black Lodge (somewhere on Sander Strasse Berlin), where a fair smattering of what you will read about, you will hear in a pub setting if you attend? Piece Love and too much Fun(k), €DC.

From disco to disco, from piano to electro and more, Eric D. Clark started his DJ career 30+ years ago. American DJ and producer based in Germany, Eric has joined our team to talk about his record collection

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