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Past and Phuture rules are the same, play it loud, even in the dark

Well, a good listening is probably better than telling something about this huge timeless track… Tb303 found then a real life with new adepts ! (Spanky, Herbert J et DJ Pierre, under the collectiv “Phuture”, have changed history about dance music. Spanky created a track with his TB-303, with 5 notes programmed quickly hasardous on it He asked DJ Pierre to listen to it, then the machine was playing the loop séquence he turned the boutons and then acid house was born !

Phuture recorded then Acid Tracks. TB-303 became cult, sort of house generation icon and later techno… When you think that Tb 303 was Born in 1982, actualy seems to be that the time has no power on this machine created by “Tadao Kikumoto“, the guy who also built TR909.

Fondateur de Houz-Motik, Cyprien Rose est journaliste. Il a été coordinateur de la rédaction de Postap Mag et du Food2.0Lab. Il a également collaboré avec Radio France, Le Courrier, Tsugi, LUI... Noctambule, il a œuvré au sein de l'équipe organisatrice des soirées La Mona, et se produit en tant que DJ.

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