cinéma pornographique Gerard Damiano
Gerard Damiano © Metropolitan FilmExport

Gerard Damiano raconté dans un livre

Si Gerard Damiano est peu connu du grand public, certains de ces films, comme Deep Throat (Gorge Profonde) et The Devil in Miss Jones, restent emblématiques. Avec Les Peaux La Chair Les Nuits, Marc Bruimaud signe le premier ouvrage français dédié à celui qui souhaitait donner ses lettres de noblesse au porno.

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Les surfaces de Junichi Hakoyama

Junichi Hakoyama est un photographe Japonais. Son Leica, il le vénère, totalement amoureux de son design et dévoué à l’aspect « artisanal ». Lorsqu’il … Lire la suite

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Fabric Live 33 by Spank Rock

If you like the 80s, Atari, amiga, casio, super mario, 8bit… and so on, then you must have heard about “Spank Rock”, … Lire la suite

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Coldcut – What That Noise

1987 a single « Say Kids, What Time Is It ? » is done with samples (1st time in england?). The same year they « sample » Ofra Haza on « Paid In Full » Eric B and Rakim remix and in… Lire la suite

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Ray Barretto – Rican/Struction

See how the graphism cover got something in common with « Cybotron » previous post ? Also found this one on the montlhy big open air market, downtown Limoges, old part. This guy is lucky, as he was young, the chances to… Lire la suite

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Cybotron under Clear Light Of Jupiter

LP : Cybotron – Cybotron I found this amazing piece few years ago in a big open market downtown Limoges (France), between books and chairs, between Jimi Hendrix and John Lennon. First I could not find a date, before or… Lire la suite

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Hello and welcome here !Provided by Houz-Motik, the main project off this blog is to share with you our music & sound collection with pictures from our records, our objects…We will also presents our news when necessary ; go on… Lire la suite

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